Sunday, February 7, 2010

New Bird Feeder!

I don't care what age you are; there is just something about birds that makes hearts sing. So I got this new bird feeder for my 50th Birthday. A Droll Yankee they call it. It's pretty much a tube with little openings on the sides and perches for the birds little feet. For finches I put thistle or Nyger seeds in it and in about 3 days they found it and have been feeding on it ever since. Pretty awesome! I put it about 25 feet from the house and they mob it every day. Also getting a lot of House Finches, White Crowned Sparrows, Golden Crowned Sparrows and Northern Flickers. Quite a draw. It is very relaxing to watch them. I haven't gotten out much since my accident in June of 09. That will change soon when I get a car!