Monday, October 4, 2010

When you realize you're's too late

It is inevitable that if I am around a sick person I will get sick. So a sick coworker came into my office on Friday and sneezed.....twice. I knew I was doomed. Like clockwork on Sunday Morning I had the sore throat and the achiness. It always goes right into my chest and stays....and stays. Most jobs have sick time so employees can take time off to get well. I work for a nonprofit and we don't get sick time...we don't get vacation time either...or even time off for bereavement. So we all have to work...if we want to get paid, and if you are your only means of support, you cannot afford to not get paid. So it forces sick people to go to work...and make their coworkers sick. I don't know why certain people don't understand the need for employees to take time off to get well when they are sick.