Monday, December 20, 2010

So things have been a bit crazy at my work and now with this weather it is just crazier. I worry about trees the most...only if they decide to fall down...standing up is fine...crashing down is not. And the other day I had a Cooper's hawk, which is a smaller hawk, end up in one of our bear enclosures and he couldn't get out. We managed to get him out and he was fine. Then later I get a call about a large hawk down acting strange on the side of the road nearby. So I grabbed a coworker and we went to the rescue with gloves and blanket and animal carrier. The couple that called were still there and pointed out the bird had crossed the road...running..not flapping and was up on the railroad tracks. They asked if it was strange that the bird hadn't flown...I said yes..something is wrong. So very, very slowly and carefully I approached the hawk. The idea is to get as close as you can and drop a towel or blanket over them. Once birds can't see they usually calm down. This one didn't move...I walked very slowly inch by inch on the slippery talus around the railroad tracks but I was able to get right next to him and he just sat there...but I could see he was shivering. I dropped the blanket on him and he just fell over backwards. We got him in the carrier and he was taken to the bird and pet clinic in Roseville. That's him in the above picture...or her...not sure about that. But we'll see how he does...I think he/she got hit by a car unfortunatly..

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Perfect Sunset

We never know what is going to be a spectacular sunset. I do know that clouds usually make for one, but we never know for sure until it is happening. I saw clouds that resembled the ones from November 19th. So I grabbed the camera and drove the 15 minutes to the wildlife refuge and got there just in time!

Let me know if you ever get tired of these:-)