Thursday, January 31, 2013

Vermillion Flycatcher

A friend and I took a drive to Los Banos California last Tuesday to look for a vagrant bird called a "Vermillion Flycatcher". This bird is usually seen much farther Mexico South....and The Galapagos! To have a beautiful male of this species show up in Northern California is awesome! So we drove down from Galt and after an hour and a half found the area where he was hanging out. If the nice people who lived there hadn't told us where to go look for him, we never would've seen him! They pointed out the gate down the road so we drove down there and even far away that bird stood out! but, he ws still about 30 yards away. So we drove around looking for raptors and then decided to go back and see if he was closer to the gate. He was! Then he flew right in front of my car! Hence the photos you see here. spectacular day and a spectacular bird!