Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Saving up....Saving up....

So I recently took a very good picture of a Harris's Sparrow and it got put on the front of the Central Valley Birding list for the month...I am very happy with that. Even thought I do get good photos...I know they can be better.
Better in terms of resolution and overall sucess rate with sharpness and detail. I experiment with different settings...shoot at a High ISO (400-800) and using a high shutter speed (1600-2000)..but I used to shoot at 200 ISO but had a lot of blurry photos. I wish I could afford a faster lens but those are soooo dang expensive. I doubt I would be able to afford one for a long while. Especially with all my current medical bills...sheesh.

I was looking at the Canon 500mm and the 600mm. I like the 600mm for the reach and would want to put a 1.4 extender on it. But it is a huge lens. I mainly shoot from my car...that would be the only way with this lens. I am looking at the Canon 100-400 too...might check that out a lens rental company and see how that works.  We'll see!

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