Sunday, November 6, 2011

Wish List

Most of my life I have been drawn to capturing animals on film and then digitally. I have often admired photographs in National Geographic and other magazines for their color saturation and sharpness...and I've discovered that most professional photographers used top of the line Canon or Nikon equipment. Having a job that does not pay on a scale where I could ever afford such lenses I resigned myself to making do with what I could afford. $1,000 to me is a lot...a lot...of money.  $6,000 o5 $10,000 is astronomical for someone like me. Canon just came out with a new (preorder) 500mm F4...that is incredible...but even those that can afford it are shuddering at the $10,000 price tag. If they are looking at it could I ever hope to afford one of these lenses? I have read all the reviews and opinions and the bottom line is...if I want the best possible photos I need the best possible lens..and this is it. But I know I can never afford it...if I had $10,000 I'd have save it....or soon get a car when mine breaks down...or just money to survive on since medical bills are currently eating me alive.

Truth is nothing brings me more joy that photography...but often my images are okay...but not, in my opinion, good enough to match other photographers out there who have far better equipment and more time...and probably feel better than I do at the moment. I wish Canon had some kind of Grant for people like me who could never afford one of their lenses otherwise. Even if I worked for another 5 years and put away as much as I could every year I could still never afford one of these lenses. It makes me sad...I don't play the lottery...maybe I should...unless I sold my images consistantly wich I don't...*sigh*....I guess to get the best equipment being rich helps....unfortunately I am not:-(

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